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Landscaping rockery job and new turf. Another satisfied customer in Glenrothes.

We spent a week in Formanhills area trying to reconstruct the garden and make a new arrangement. Suffice to say that we took a wee bit longer on the project because of the whether conditions we have on March in Scotland. We had removed few big trees from the garden, some bushes and weeds. We have took out all the roots out and put a new soil on top of it. After all new turf find its place on the next to a building area and beautiful flowers has been planted. Just to finished it of we have placed a new gravel on the bottom of the rockery. We are also happy to say it the job has been finished (there are just some adjustments left when the new turf will lie down firmly on the ground). Have a wee look and judge it by yourself guys !! Pictures of BEFORE OUR WORK and AFTER OUR WORK. Have a great day !!!

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